Original Patterns for all Knitters

Following a Dream

Thank you for your interest in CSM Designs.

My name is Christine Mazzotta and I am the owner of & sole designer for CSM Designs.

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Mission Statement:


The mission of CSM Designs is threefold: 1) To provide knitters with straight-forward and easy to understand directions for stylish knitting projects. 2) To ensure that the cost of all needed supplies for each pattern will be as minimal as possible. 3) Praise will be credited to God, who has so generously blessed me with this artistic gift.




It was following the death of my friend’s mother, Peggy Casares, that I identified my gift with knitting needles. Peggy owned a local yarn shop, Village Wool in Glastonbury, Connecticut. For years, she had insisted that I would love knitting. I disregarded her suggestion every time. Following Peggy’s unexpected death in November of 2000, I developed a burning desire to knit. My first project was a Yankee Knitter sweater for my son. I must admit, I attached the sleeve backwards! Despite this terrible error, I caught on very quickly. I actually began to understand the yarn and how it flowed without knowing what all the standard knitting abbreviations were. In essence, I was buying patterns to look at the picture of the garment and follow my instincts to ‘make it look right.’ As my knitting skills continued to develop, I began to take the time to learn what the abbreviations meant. Surprisingly, my innate skills were right on target! I can clearly remember asking knitting friends what an abbreviation meant and then being so thrilled that I already knew that skill- I just didn’t know what to call it. After forcing myself to actually follow patterns I realized that many directions were rather unclear. Being the outspoken go-getter that I am, I believed that I could write the directions better. CSM Designs was born.


Getting Started…


Following Peggy’s death, another friend of mine, Marion Carling, purchased Village Wool. I began to teach classes and help out at the shop. Marion allowed me a tiny corner of the shop to display my patterns. Next to my patterns was a donation box to support research for a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Any denomination could buy you a pattern. The patterns sold. As CSM Designs continued to grow, I realized I could make a business out of this.


A New Career for Christine…


My husband and I decided I would resign from my career in the managed health care industry to stay home and raise our 2 children. This did not turn out to be what I expected! My new reality was that a caseload of disgruntled worker’s compensation claimants was easier to handle than two screaming children! During this time, I took great solace in my knitting and designing. In no time, I had dozens of designs. After proofing, re-knitting, spell checking and proofing some more, I developed a final line of patterns with a very distinctive style. Have patterns.. .will travel… I hit the road with my patterns, calling on local stores. Just as I began this adventure on my own, I had the honor and privilege to meet Richard Harris of JCA, Inc. and his wonderful wife Ellen of Accessories Unlimited, Inc.


A Real Pro Now?


Ellen has taken me under her wing and has agreed to function as sole distributor for my line of patterns. You can now purchase my patterns wholesale for $2.00 each (minimum of three.) Suggested (firmly suggested) retail price is $4.00. My patterns are distributed throughout the continental US with Accessories Unlimited Inc. For information on how to bring CSM Designs to your favorite knitting shop, please contact www.accessoriesunlimitedinc.com to request purchase. Look for CSM Designs in stores near you.


Exciting Stuff…


My best selling patters are for felted bags and doll outfits to fit the American Girl dolls. I am also working on a very special line of patterns specifically tailored for Malabrigo!!

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